Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Navajo National Monument

In the heart of the Navajo Reservation in Northeastern Arizona lies Navajo National Monument. Small in size, and often overshadowed by other nearby attractions, the monument houses three spectacular examples of Anasazi cliff dwellings. Best of all the site is free and also houses free camping.

The park has several loops and paved walk ways to view the dwellings from a distance. It's a good idea to bring your binoculars too. The hikes are fairly easy and can be done in a quick amount of time.

The visitor center is very interesting to check out and the staff was very friendly. Nice picnicking areas around the visitor center. Free day hikes to the ruins with Park Rangers are available as well.

This is a little visited gem in the Grand Circle tour. We left never forgetting Navajo National Monument.

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