Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Four Corners Monument

Four different states intersect in Four Corners Monument - Colorado, Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico. Two Native American tribes boundaries meet here as well - the Navajo nation and the Ute Mountain nation (however, the monument itself is run by the Navajo). Somewhat remote in location and appearance, the Four Corners Monument is a must stop for any passing by traveler. This is a classic American road side attraction.

While not free, there is a $3 per car fee to enter. In the middle stands a large concrete monument which details in bronze the exact (or believed to be exact) location of where the four states meet. Each are represented with a state flag. Every visitor is able to stand in the middle of the monument where the four states intersect - so that they can claim to stand in four states at once.

The scenery is beautiful and the way of life in the reservation is unique. Flanking the monument is many native craft and food stands. The Indian Fry Bread from here is among the best I've ever had and you could literally taste the tradition with every bite.

The stop is a touristy one, but one that any visitor would be hard to forget. This however should represent a quick stop, not a destination.

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