Friday, July 23, 2010

Cedar Breaks National Monument

High in the Utah mountains lies the Cedar Breaks National Monument - a less known and little visited gem. At over 10,000 feet in elevation, the park provides outstanding views of a hoodoo eroded amphitheatre. Just East of the town of Cedar Breaks, Utah the monument is easily accessed and best of all free!

Often compared to Bryce Canyon National Park because of similarity in hoodoo views, Cedar Breaks provides its own unique take on this geologic anomaly. A small visitor center exists in a pristine, wild flower covered meadow - and could be one of the friendliest I've ever visited. A small path leads to the Cedar Breaks amphitheatre and the orange, tan, and white hoodoos rising towards the blue sky from its center.

The parks location makes it easy from any parks traveler in the area to make a day stop and take a few pictures as memories of this remarkable, yet tiny National Monument.

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  1. I work for the Cedar City ~ Brina Head Tourism Bureau and wanted to thank you for this wonderful post and I am happy that you had such a wonderful visit, however, I noticed two minor mistakes both at the end of the first paragraph. The first is instead of located East of Cedar Breaks, Utah is should be Cedar City, Utah and the entrance fee is only $4 per person and your National Parks pass works as well.
    Thanks again for your wonderful post and hope you come for a visit again soon.
    Amber Bennett, Marketing Assistant